How to Connect TH5200 to the TTN Network

How to Connect TH5200 to the TTN Network

1. Description

This blog mainly gives a detailed introduction about how to connect LTH5200 (LoRa Temperature and humidity sensor) to The Things Network.
LTH5200 series is a LoRa based temperature and humidity sensor, designed to measure the temperature and humidity of its surroundings immediately. This product integrated with high sensitivity humidity sensor and temperature sensor optimized for low power usage which will run years on one set of batteries. The LoRa wireless connection to the internet allows widespread deployments.

LTH500 LoRaWAN Temp&RH

2.Registered Account

If you wanted to connect the LTH5200 to The Things Network, you need to register an account on
The Things Network. Its website is

3. Add LTH5200 to TTN

  • Add Application

  • Add Application EUI

Notice: LTH5200 Application EUI is unique.

  • Add Device

  • Restart device, you will see data uplink.