LoRaWAN GPS Tracker for outdoor adventure/asset tracking
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LoRaWAN GPS Tracker for outdoor adventure/asset tracking

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GF8945 is a low power consumption LoRa based GPS tracking device equipped with a rechargeable battery for asset tracking. Support LoRaWAN protocol or private protocol. Build-in BLE chip allows GF8945 pairs with your smartphone, text, and share GPS location among other GF8945 users through LoRa network.


    • Communicate Via LoRa, no SIM card required
    Create a reliable backup communication network for use when cell service is down. communication range 6~15KM line-of-sight.1~5KM in a dense environment.
    • SOS, Geo-fencing
    With a simple press of the SOS button on the device, you can send an SOS signal in the case of an emergency. Support Geo-fence.
    • Build-in BLE, Support Message and off-line Map
    Build-in BLE chip allow Compass pairs with your smartphone( IOS and Android Compatible), transmit a message, and GPS location from device to device through Lora network.
    • Long Battery life
    The device transmits a message at a configured frequency when activated, standby time up to 48hours. A notification is sent when the battery power falls below 20 %.
    • Easy to install on any object



    Ordering information

    • 1*GF8945 GPS Tracker
    • 1*USB Cable 
    Protocol Description
    LoRaWAN LoRaWAN compliant
    Private Protocol Support Point to Point communication, at least order 2pcs



    • Outdoor Adventure: Stay connected in remote areas when cell service is down, share GPS locations, and send SOS if you get into trouble.
    • Locate and track children, elderly and disabled people, prevent them from missing, send SOS in an emergency.
    • Group management: GF8945allows you to keep track of all members of your group within the field in real-time
    • Asset tracking: GF8945 can be used to track pets, vehicles, fleet, parcels, or bags.
    LoRaWAN GPS Tracker
      Parameters Specification
      Frequency Band 868~928MHz/470~510MHz, optional
      Battery Specs Recharge Li-ion battery,1300mAh
      Temperature -20~65℃
      Dimensions 100*33*20mm (Weight 80g)
      Modulation LoRa Modulation Patented by Semtech
      Transmit Power +27dBm
      Bluetooth BT 4.0
      GPS  positioning solution REALTEK MG1009R,Sensitive down to -148dB
      GPS accuracy 5~10Meters
      Communication range 1~5KM in a dense environment, 6~15KM LoS
      Install Easy to install to any objects
      Data upload rate Customized

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